S05E20 – Shakin’ My Head

glee shakin' my head cover glee shakin' my head cover glee shakin' my head cover glee shakin' my head cover glee shakin' my head cover glee shakin' my head cover

13 Comments on “S05E20 – Shakin’ My Head”

  1. Thank you so much Max!

  2. Thank you so much for these Max!

  3. Kaike says:

    Thank you Max =D

  4. Tavares says:

    that’s amazing that you came back Max! great updates! ^^
    it’s missing only the small microphone episode cover of 5×20… :]

  5. Dylan says:

    I new Max was alive! I’m so glad he;s back for the last ever season 😦
    I’m gonna miss Max updating after the last ever episode…

  6. hi says:

    I echo everyone’s statement that i’m so happy you’re back! I’m happy my season 6 songs will have your amazing covers 🙂

  7. Shannon says:

    Max! I’m so glad you’re back, and you updated the songs on my birthday 🙂 If you’re doing season 6, here’s what we already have:

    6×01 “Loser Like Me” Songs: (These have been released)
    Suddenly Seymour
    Dance The Night Away
    Let It Go

    6×02 “Homecoming” Songs: (These have been released)
    Take On Me
    Mustang Sally

    6×03 “Jagged Little Tapestry” Songs: (These are up on Amazon for viewing)
    It’s Too Late
    Hand In My Pocket / I Feel The Earth Move
    Will You Love Me Tomorrow / Head Over Feet
    So Far Away
    You Learn / You’ve Got A Friend

  8. Brian says:

    Hey Max, do you think you could make single covers that match the colors of the EPs that were released on iTunes for Bash-TURBP? I would love that more than anything!

  9. Demitria says:

    MAX ! Thank God you’re back ! Thank you so much for not leaving us.

  10. Ben says:

    Thanks for the new covers! Glad you’re back

  11. Raphael says:

    And now the time is coming for the covers of the last season of Glee.

    From episode 1: Loser Like Me the song’s is:
    1. Uninvited (Glee Cast Version)
    2. Suddenly Seymour (Glee Cast Version)
    3. Sing (Glee Cast Version)
    4. Dance the Night Way (Glee Cast Version)
    5. Let It Go (Glee Cast Version)

    From episode 2: Homecoming the song’s is:
    1. Take On Me (Glee Cast Version)
    2. Tightrope (Glee Cast Version)
    3. Problem (Glee Cast Version)
    4. Mustang Sally (Glee Cast Version)
    5. Home (Glee Cast Version)

    Thanks for that GRATEST job!

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