S05E03 – Official Covers + Bonus Cover

glee cast cover the quaterback glee cast cover no surrender glee cast cover i'll stand by you glee cast cover if i die young glee cast cover seasons of love glee cast cover fire and rain glee cast cover make you feel my love

15 Comments on “S05E03 – Official Covers + Bonus Cover”

  1. Evan says:

    These are perfect Max! They’re so beautiful<3
    Are these all the songs confirmed?

    • Ben says:

      Yep those should be all the songs in the episode. I read there would be some songs that Finn sang in the episode but only I’ll Stand By You is on the album so maybe (if there’s more than one) they’ll sing some medley or something in the episode of Finn songs?

  2. Rob says:

    thank you max, these are great

  3. David444 says:

    Hey Max, after all these tribute albums are released and the singles for “A Katy or a Gaga” are released with the season symbol (loser hand, slushy, dodge ball, loser hand 2.0, etc.), will you make the ones with the season symbol for the first three episodes?

    • Fly says:

      I would love to have that! I am very annoyed that there hasnt been much design this season. We dont even have a promo picture and the iTunes season is just season one loser hand. So lazy

  4. Lichuch says:

    Are there going to be other covers?

  5. Jannik says:

    Hi Max!
    Amazon just released the official cover-art for “A Katy or A Gaga”! It’s an EP!


    Could you please do a different cover for each of the songs!
    That would be amazing!

  6. PonchoGleek1 says:

    Max, it looks as though all the season will have an EP for every episode, will you create/use an alternate icon or will you only rework the official artwork?

    Link to “A Katy or a Gaga” artwork: http://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B00GAVAIO6/ref=mp_s_a_1_3?qid=1383169978&sr=1-3&pi=AC_SX110_SY165_QL70

  7. bree says:

    Max, could you make one for Always True to You in my Fashion from s3e20? I can’t find it anywhere.

  8. Elodie says:

    I just can’t wait to see the covers for this season, and to see what symbol you will use for this season ! Seriously, i’m so excited !! Thank you for everything Max, because your covers are AMAZING !!

  9. David444 says:

    Here is the official season 5 album covers!

  10. Ben says:

    Amazon has posted the covers for 5×05 and they are singles. Pretty basic covers again with just the song title under glee the music season 5.

  11. nyc127 says:

    Since there is no new symbol this year, I vote for either the drum from the beatles ep or maybe a microphone. Whatever max chooses will be awesome though, I’m sure.

  12. Chris says:

    Max, I think you should use the drum set for this season since there is no new “thing” with the episode 5 covers. It would be a great way to honor Finn/Cory for the season and it makes sense in regards to the Glee club.

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