S04E12 – Official Covers + Bonus Covers

glee naked cover glee a thousand years cover glee centerfold hot in herre cover glee let me love you until you learn to love yourself cover glee love song cover gle this is the new year cover glee torn cover S04E12 - Naked - 01 glee a thousand years cover glee centerfold hot in herre cover glee let me love you until you learn to love yourself cover glee love song glee this is the new year glee torn cover

37 Comments on “S04E12 – Official Covers + Bonus Covers”

  1. Evan says:

    These look so awesome!!! Thanks so much Max! Can’t wait to see the Screencap covers for everything! :]

  2. Falconi says:

    Oh, Max! You did the whole name for Let Me Love You (Until You Learn To Love Yourself) and the whole name for This Is The New Year! Thank you so much! You’re the best!

  3. PonchoGleek1 says:

    Thanks Max, brilliant combination of colors, can we all soon expect the apple covers? 😉

  4. Ibrahim says:

    they all look amaing!!

  5. Leon says:

    Thanks is brilliant. !!!!!!

  6. Dylan says:

    Max.. Can you please upload the good riddance screencaps to stop people moaning?

  7. Julius C. Kurz says:

    beautiful covers

  8. Dylan says:

    Max, dont mean to be rude here but can you pleeaase upload the Slushie covers for naked?

  9. Dylan says:

    I think I hear my iTunes saying ‘we want max covers’ 🙂

  10. Falconi says:

    Max, when you are doing the covers for “Diva” episode, can you make a cover from “Bring Him Home” without the “solo versions”??

    • Dylan says:

      he did one for don’t cry for me argentina so I’m sure he will 🙂

      • Falconi says:

        I know… I’m just asking ’cause, after I Kissed A Girl episode, he kinda stopped doing alternate covers for the songs… that’s why I’m asking…

  11. Dylan says:

    4×14 Songs:

    Just Can’t Get Enough, Anything Could Happen, (Not) Getting Married Today, You’re All I Need To Get By and We’ve Got Tonight.

  12. TinaSTAN! says:

    Hey Max, back when you were posting covers on GleeForum you posted the duet version of “Don’t Cry for Me Argentina” and i was wondering if you were gonna eventually do the same for “bring Him home”. I don’t know if you personally made the duet version of DCFMA but it was amazing, so much better than the solo versions released. Hopefully you do the same with Bring Him Home or know the person who created the spectacular duet version of DCFMA.

  13. Philipp says:

    Follow my SMASH-Cover-Tumblr-blog, where you will find high-quality covers for all the songs from NBCs “SMASH”. http://smash-cover.tumblr.com/

  14. Julius C. Kurz says:

    Glee – 04×03 – Diva

    Girl On Fire
    Nutbush City Limits
    Hung Up
    Don’t Stop Me Now
    Bring Him Home Chris Colfer (Kurt) Solo Version
    Bring Him Home Lea Michele (Rachel) Solo Version
    Make No Mistake (She’s Mine)

  15. Dylan says:

    I thought max would have updated by this time because he posted the official covers this time last week 😦

  16. Dylan says:

    I found that max lives in France from his glee forum profile page, france is like 2 hours ahead of everyone. So when he posts at like 12am or something, he is really posting at 2am where he loves. So right now it’s 6:04pm there.

  17. Max, check your e-mail now.

  18. Dylan N says:

    Anyone else getting bored of waiting?

  19. Dylan says:

    While we are all waiting for Max to update, I’ve made a few myself. I can not do screencaps. I do all the others. Feedback needed. So here it is —-> glees4artwork.tumblr.com

  20. Dylan says:

    Please post max 😦 My iTunes covers don’t look the same without your covers 😦

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