Glee Project – S02E01 – Individuality

47 Comments on “Glee Project – S02E01 – Individuality”

  1. Max says:

    Hi everyone, here’s my 600th post.

  2. dylan says:

    Congrats, how many covers now?

  3. Ab_S says:

    Does anyone know where can I download songs from Glee Project Season 2?

  4. PonchoGleek1 says:

    Max, first of all, CONGRATS!!!!
    Now, sorry to be a pain in the neck, but I would like it if you could put up blank ones like last season, please?

  5. Falconi says:

    And, let me ask you a thing, Max… are you going to post the Party Rock Anthem cover soon or just when the episode air??

  6. PonchoGleek1 says:

    Max, for next episode (Dance-ability) will you use the colors of last year’s Dance-ability (Green Shoe/Megaphone & Pink Background) or will you use the ones of Theatricality (Purple Shoe/Megaphone & Green Background)????

  7. Chris says:

    Bonjour Max! Je me demandais si vous pouviez faire une couverture possible à des fins commerciales Lea Michele de (Touchpad) “Let Me Entertain You?” Je voudrais vraiment l’apprécier!

  8. Chris says:

    Oups! Je voulais dire Cover!

  9. Chris says:

    Bonjour Max! Je me demandais si vous pouviez faire une couverture possible à des fins commerciales Lea Michele pour la tablette tactile HP? quand elle a chanté “Let Me Entertain You!” je l’apprécie vraiment!

  10. Tails19950 says:

    Do you think you’ll make slushie or dodgeball covers too? 🙂

  11. danielm22 says:

    Just for you to know that Edge of Glory isn’t from 2×01, by the way, LOVED THE COVERS

    • PonchoGleek1 says:

      I think he counts it as it being on Individuality since it would be ridiculous to make whole new colors for only 1 cover

      • lets-duet says:

        Not necessarily. I picked out 13 colors for my TGP cover set. Granted, I used the sky blue that was the background of the Season 2 logo, for “Edge of Glory”, and will continue to use it for any “miscellaneous” covers.

        And Max does 22-color sets every season. But, again, Max is the boss.

  12. Jeremi says:

    Damn, too awesome! Thank you so much!

  13. Ab_S says:

    Max you are fantastic!
    Waiting for the cover of the second episode!

    PS: Max by chance you will create the cover for the missing Glee: The Music, Volume 8?

  14. Tails19950 says:

    Max, the link for Season 1’s Pairability is broken! :O (the episode title slushie cover)

  15. Falconi says:

    Another song that will be on Dance-Ability is We Got The Beat (is the homework assingment…)

  16. Evan says:

    Does anybody have the link or the actual song from last season when they did “Were Not Gonna Take It?” i have one but the quality is REALLY crappy 😦
    If someone could please let me know that would be much appreciated!

  17. creedogv says:

    Max, will you be doing the full set of covers for The Glee Project, including those with the image bar?

    Because I’m not, and I don’t want to direct my fine followers on Tumblr and at here if you’re not.

  18. danielm22 says:

    Dance Ability:

    We Got The Beat
    Party Rock Anthem
    Men, I Feel Like A Woman
    Keep Holding On (Dani’s Version)


  19. Ab_S says:

    Guys, does anyone know where I could download the episode 2 of season 2 of “The Glee Project”, I’m not finding anywhere to download?

  20. aldenartwork says:

    Hey, Max, can you please do it in general like the one you did on the converse shoes, it only said glee project without the episode or song title, because it would be better because I put them all in one album. So, please just the glee project S2 just with the megaphone like the one for the converse shoes?

  21. Fly says:

    Where did you get the image of the megaphone? Please help! Thank you. Awesome covers!

  22. David444 says:

    When is the Episode 2 covers going to be up?

  23. danielm22 says:



    My Life Would Suck Without You
    Everybody Hurts
    Fix You
    Somewhere Over The Rainbow
    Keep Holding On (Lily, Charlie and Mario’s Version)


    • Ab_S says:

      Wow, how so? Charlie, Lily and Mario were eliminated? OMG! It can not! Charlie wanted the win! How was it, I’m from Brazil, I’m waiting for the release out to watch the episode. Thanks, bye!

    • PonchoGleek1 says:

      Actually is only “Over the Rainbow”, it alos was feautured in s01e22 from glee, it was the last song of season one and they named it just “Over the Rainbow”

  24. Dalmatian says:

    Episode 2 Covers? And now waiting for Episode 3 covers as well! Your covers are AMAZING! They are REALLY good!

  25. danielm22 says:


    Moves Like Jagger/ Milkshake


  26. David444 says:

    Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh episode 2 covers!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  27. aldenartwork says:

    To everyone, I have made an Edge Of Glory and a Party Rock Anthem screencap covers since Max doesn’t do it for TGP. And they’re 1280×1280 pixels.
    Edge Of Glory :
    Party Rock Anthem :

  28. Diegguss says:

    can you do volumes covers about TGP??
    maybe you can do this:
    Volume 1 (TGP) (to use with all season 1 homework assignment)
    Volume 2 (TGP) (to use with all season 1 videos)
    Volume 3 (TGP2) (to use with all season 2 homework assignment)
    Volume 4 (TGP2) (to use with all season 2 videos)
    I really thank you if you can do those covers

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