S03E22 – Good Riddance (Time Of My Life)

glee good riddance (time of your life) cover glee good riddance (time of your life) cover glee good riddance (time of your life) cover glee good riddance (time of your life) cover glee good riddance (time of your life) cover glee good riddance (time of your life) cover glee good riddance (time of your life) cover glee good riddance (time of your life) cover glee good riddance (time of your life) cover

38 Comments on “S03E22 – Good Riddance (Time Of My Life)”

  1. dylan says:

    Cover 6 goes to mega upload?

  2. Glee Brasi says:

    now only the hood cover this song, the results were beautiful, love this site, and thank you for all cover

  3. danielm22 says:

    Just waiting for:Good Riddance (Time Of My Life), Don’t Rain On My Parade and The Music Of The Night :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

  4. Spencer says:

    i think this is the last one that needs to have the dodgeball version. hope to see it up soon but i do know u have a life outside this site. thanks for all the ones that u have done.

  5. Glee Brasil says:

    pictures? please

  6. Glee Brasil says:

    this time without glee, would be perfect to do all the covers missing, like Good Riddance I hope too to see the cover with pictures, love this site too.

  7. Glee Brasil says:

    cover picture please?

  8. Kaatje says:

    Max can you please make a cover with pictures please. I’m really missing that one. 😦

  9. jacobsnchz14 says:

    Hey, Max! Will we get a Dodgeball cover art with screencaps? THANKS!

  10. Glee Brasil says:

    como esse é a única música que falta o cover com fotos, eu vou fazer uma talvez amanhã eu posto, Everytime e Mine um perfil já postou.

  11. Fernanda Manoella says:

    please cover pictures 😀

  12. Fernanda Manoella says:


  13. I love these covers oh so much. I’m excited to complete my dodgeball covers for season 3. One more screencap cover to go. Thank you so much for the wonderful covers!

  14. John says:

    yeah agree with the others…

    this is the ONLY cover left!

    thanks for the others… 🙂

  15. kjgen18 says:

    only 1 left… 🙂 can’t wait for the screencaps..

  16. Fernanda Manoella says:

    just missing the cover that song with pictures.

  17. Fernanda Manoella says:

    Max you will post pictures with the cover of this song along with the new covers?

    already thanking for your beautiful work, all covers are getting beautiful.

  18. Spence says:

    the covers r amazing and i use them for my itunes album art but im missing this song. please add it to ur already amazing collection of artwork. thanks.

  19. Fernanda Manoella says:

    Please put Max Good Riddance Screencaps

  20. Julius C. Kurz says:

    Please Cover with Pictures, Thanks

  21. Glee Brasil says:

    Please Cover Picture ”Good Riddance”

  22. Glee Brasil says:

    I too admire the work of Max, just think it could come out” Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)” to everyone’s joy, soon end up the fourth season of the cover and nothing more has also waited all this can wait, I rejoice more if it had already hood” GR” screencaps, please, thank you very much for your attention: D.

  23. KJ18 says:

    Please Cover Picture ”Good Riddance”

  24. Julius C. Kurz says:


  25. KJ18 says:

    picture cover please.. i’ve been waiting for ages…. 🙂

  26. Julius C. Kurz says:

    pictures cover please Max 😀

  27. Julius C. Kurz says:

    please pictures version

  28. kjgen18 says:

    When are you gonna upload covers with screencap? Thanks… Please upload it..

  29. Rebecca Lewis says:

    Thank you for creating the screencap cover for this song. I especially like the Finn tribute.

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