S03E17 – Official Covers + Bonus Cover


20 Comments on “S03E17 – Official Covers + Bonus Cover”

  1. Mocha says:

    Awesome! 😀 Are you going to do the other sets of original covers (the re-makes of the ones they use officially) for this and 3×16? Those are the ones I use and I love the quality of yours.

  2. SpudnikPotato says:

    The songs for Glee: The Music, Graduation have been announced

    1.We Are Young
    2.The Edge Of Glory
    3.I Won’t Give Up
    4.We Are The Champions
    5.School’s Out
    6.I Was Here
    7.I’ll Remember
    8.You Get What You Give
    9.Not The End
    10.Roots Before Branches
    11.Glory Days
    12.Forever Young
    13.Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life)

    Source: Glee The Music website 🙂

  3. lets_duet says:

    I’m now 3/3 for guessing the character cutouts.

    Beautiful as always.

  4. gleethenews says:

    Could you please do Whitney Houston Cover like you did for Michael Jackson?
    Thank You!

  5. sinnombre93 says:

    The yellow Covers pleasee!!

  6. Murphy says:

    will you put up the yellow covers that came with these songs? please and thankyou!

  7. KatietheGleek says:

    when will you be posting the dodgeball covers?

  8. Wow, perfect covers! Thanks for provide this awesome covers, Max! *_*

  9. Falconi says:

    Max, let me ask you a thing: will you do Volume 8 and Volume 9 covers, even if they won’t be released?? ‘Cause I’m doing “my own Glee volumes” and I’ll need those I’m asking…

  10. Falconi says:

    Next episode trakclist (confirmed on Amazon):

    – Shake It Out
    – School’s Out
    – Cry
    – Cell Block Tango
    – Not The Boy Next Door
    – The Rain In Spain

  11. sinnombre93 says:

    Yellow Covers please!

  12. sinnombre93 says:

    Yellow covers please!!

  13. Troy says:

    Will you be posting the Whitney Huston ones today?

  14. Kirk says:

    Will you be doing the other covers with screencaps from the scene, with the gLee logo? I’ve been using them for ages and I really would love 3×15 – 3×17

  15. KatietheGleek says:

    seriously, where are the rest of the Dance WIth Somebody covers?? i need my dodgeballs!!

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