S03E16 – Official Covers + Bonus Cover


17 Comments on “S03E16 – Official Covers + Bonus Cover”

  1. gleethenews says:

    Awesome!!!! Great Color Combination!!!!

  2. lets_duet says:

    Mercedes and Brittana! Second time in a row I’ve called it!

    Also, it looks lovely and maybehaps I’m borrowing the color scheme for related project.

  3. Lauti Jonas says:

    when i try to open the cover of “Saturday night glee-ver” It’s shows the cover of Boogie shoes!

  4. Can you make new covers for home with Michael Bublé and The Wiz on it?Thanks anyway, you’re awesome!

  5. PonchoGleek1 says:

    OMG! these are better than what I had in mind! GREAT JOB!

  6. PonchoGleek1 says:

    Hey Max, when will you upload the hand, slushie, dodgeball closeup?
    Just asking, but ONLY if you can, could you post them before tomorrow?

  7. Jenn says:

    As a suggestion, you should make the dodgeball a discoball for the other covers for this episode. 🙂

  8. SpudnikPotato says:

    For Prom-A-Saurus, 3×20 and 3×21, Could you please do a Pink dodgeball like on your Quinn-April calendar please? It’s a great colour you haven’t done! 🙂 and it fits prom quite well 😛

  9. Iago says:

    I think for the next cover should be Tina and Blaine or Mike and kurt

  10. Dylan says:

    Hi Max.. I was just wondering for ages where you got the idea for this site. And what cover like the slushie or the loser sign for your songs 🙂

  11. Mocha says:

    Thank you so much for doing the re-makes of the originals! 😀

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