S03E14 – Stand


15 Comments on “S03E14 – Stand”

  1. Tim Drummond says:

    The new warblers covers are really great! Thanks!
    Please please please make warblers covers like this for I Want You Back! You don’t even have to do screencaps, just the plain ones? Thanks if you can 🙂 And if you can’t can you please at least post the plain one with the background and ball so I can put the words on myself? Thanks 🙂

  2. Hyperion says:

    If you have time, maybe you could make for all the warblers songs this way. They’re are so awesome. Please please

    • Tim Drummond says:

      He already has made these for the other warblers songs, a while ago. He just skipped I want you back for some reason. 😦

  3. LucaTheWarbler says:

    max! when will you update the covers with the pictures! no pressure lol

  4. Tim Drummond says:

    The link for the one with the dodgeball and pictures doesn’t work, haha.
    Also, please post a Warblers cover for this with the pictures! Thanks!

  5. Jordon says:

    can you make a screencap cover with the Warblers tie wraped around the hand??? Please and thank you!!!!!

  6. GleeBrasil says:

    o último não está indo

  7. watchel bewee says:

    hey max, it’s awesome, but could you do those covers(glad you came, stand and i want you back) with those images from the episode and the dodgeball ball with the warbler effects, just like you did in uptown girl, for example? love your cover XOXO

  8. Daniel says:

    Could you fix the link to the dodgeball cover with the screencaps?
    REALLY GREAT covers for this episode!!

  9. Aivar says:

    Can you make the dodgeball cover for Stand with clips from the show? I know it’s there however I can’t open it in order to get a bigger album cover.

  10. aldenartwork says:

    Can you add the link for the last cover (bottom right) please?

  11. Skye says:

    Love all of you covers. Will you be adding picture to the Warbler version of the covers?

  12. Tim says:

    I decided to go out and do all the S3 warblers covers since Max is a bit overloaded right now. Here is the cover for this one:

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