S03E14 – Official Covers + Bonus Cover

16 Comments on “S03E14 – Official Covers + Bonus Cover”

  1. Ben says:

    Max these are great! I love the Rachel/Quinn combination!! What slushie color combination are you going to use for these covers?

  2. Jeremi says:


  3. PonchoGleek1 says:

    More pink! I’m kinda gettin’ sick of this color

  4. josh+++ says:

    why isn’t the cover for heart pink and the cover for on my way purple? valentine’s day episode should have a themed cover. and there should be alt. covers for the episode heart with “♥” because they say in official videos that is the real title.

  5. Matthew says:

    Hey Max I love the covers but can you do a cover for the screencap one later on that says Stronger and not What Doesn’t Kill You (Stronger).

    • ponchogleek1 says:

      But woudn’t that mean you’ll have 2 songs with the same name (Stronger by Britney and Stronger by Kelly Clarkson)?

      • gleeful321 says:

        well it happen before Home Wiz Home Micheal Bublé Somebody to love Bieber and somebody to love Queen and i think there might be some more he just say who there by like to characters sang the same song

  6. Alex says:

    Isn’t it called Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You), not What Doesn’t Kill You (Stronger)?

  7. Arancho says:

    I dont find the original covers of this and the last episode :/

  8. CRISTIAN says:

    Please! the official cover!! GREEN!!! 😦

  9. Sully says:

    i know is really early, but can you do the ‘big brother (3×15)’ covers black, white or grey? this colors aren’t used yet, please!!

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