S03E14 – Here’s To Us


14 Comments on “S03E14 – Here’s To Us”

  1. Max can you make the “Home” cover with “Michael Bublé cover”? Please? Thanks anyway

  2. Example says:

    Hi Max! Thank you so much for your covers. I was wondering when this song would be updated with the screenshot covers?

  3. LoveFinchel says:

    can you make the cover of this song but with some scenes of the ep. and the “glee-hand” xD sorry I’m not american and I don’t know if you get I mean lol

  4. GleeBrasil says:

    última versão com fotos?

  5. Aivar says:

    Can you make the dodgeball cover for Here’s To Us with clips from the show?

  6. Azimio says:

    are you gonna do the covers with the pictures for this song?

  7. Angel says:

    when is the cover with the pictures gunna be up? btw i love the website

  8. DavidS. says:

    Não vão fazer a capa com as fotos?

  9. KF says:

    Max, please upload the pics cover for this song. thank you.

  10. aldenartwork says:

    Can you please upload the screencap one before Monday night (or Tuesday morning for the US)? I’m going for a holiday and I never add songs and/or videos to my iPod without the screencap covers and it’s a one and a half hour drive and that’s one less song to hear. Please?

  11. Azimio says:

    yoo max, i know this is in a while, but for the whitney episode could you make a cover for her like the one you did for michael? cause I’m gonna make a cd for my mom and i want that as a cover

  12. aldenartwork says:


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