S03E10 – We Found Love

21 Comments on “S03E10 – We Found Love”

  1. Chewbeckie says:

    You really are horrible at matching colors on the covers from the episode..

  2. deeejay says:

    Amazing new covers Max ❤

  3. Thanks so much Max! Awesome as always!

  4. Mocha says:

    Thanks for all the new covers this morning! 🙂 They’re all wonderful.

  5. Meyrin062 says:

    When is the cover of the episode? Otherwise I love:)

  6. Paul says:

    Looking great! Where is the episode title, “Yes/No”?

  7. Ben says:

    Love the new covers Max! I like the color combinations!

  8. Rob says:

    Thanks again for new covers!

  9. Any possibility of making dodgeball covers for seasons 1 and 2?

  10. Luciano says:

    what is the name of the font ‘we found love’?

  11. JBJ says:

    these covers are awesome! Is there any way that you could make a title card for yes/no (the yellow one with the glee hand) , I love using them in iTunes!

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