S03E08 – We Are Young

39 Comments on “S03E08 – We Are Young”

  1. Luana says:

    Max, you could do different covers but with the colors of the original cover? Please.
    Thank you, your covers are amazing.

  2. David says:

    Love your covers! Are you gonna do the ones that have a photo strip of the performance on top? Those are my favorite covers!

  3. Jordon says:

    Are you going to do the covers with pictures from the actual episode???

  4. Z.Guerra says:

    hey Max i love your work FYI My Favorite Things is going to be on Extraordinary Merry Christmas too http://www.amazon.com/Favorite-Things-Glee-Cast-Version/dp/B006KIVMNU/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&s=dmusic&qid=1323620526&sr=1-2

  5. deeejay says:

    Max if you dont know what pictures to put on the stills cover for “Santa Baby”, here are some pictures of the performance which was cut from the episode:

  6. deeejay says:

    Max if you dont know what pictures to put on the stills cover for “Santa Baby”, here are some pictures of the performance which was cut from the episode:

  7. Tails19950 says:

    Hi Max 🙂 Do you know whaty colour slushies/dodgeballs you’re gonna do for 3×10, 3×11 and 3×12 If no, could I possibly suggest a Dark green slushie? 🙂 and also, are you still gonna upload new christmas album volume 1 covers? 🙂

  8. deeejay says:

    Max if you dont know what pictures to put on the stills cover for “Santa Baby”, here are some pictures of the performance which was cut from the episode:

  9. Fly says:

    When will there be shadowed versions of extrondnary merry christmas out? THANKS!!!

  10. Dylan says:

    Hey Max! i just wanted to suggest an idea, me and my friends think it would be cool to make the covers (With the picture strip and dodgeballs) black and white!! if you could do that for all of them or maybe a couple or something that would be SOOO cool!!! a black backround and white or grey dodgeball!!

  11. Jeremi says:

    Merry Christmas Max!

    when will the new updates come?

  12. lol says:

    Max , you’re getting lazy -.-

    • deeejay says:

      As much as I agree with this, he has alot of stuff to do. Like, I know that when he posted them on Glee Forum it would only take him like a day after the episode airs, but he’s a busy man. Just cut him some slack and be thankful for all these amazing covers.

  13. laljsna says:

    Seriously? I’m waiting like 5 days..

    • Evan says:

      you do realize that Max has to do THIRTEEN covers for this episode right? I’m pretty sure after all these covers he’s made for us (3,000+) you can wait 5 or more days for the 13 more he is making 🙂

      • deeejay says:

        Technically it’s more than 13. Because there’s 9 covers for every song, that’s 9×13 which is 117 covers he has to make. So will people just cut him some slack? Geez…

      • Evan says:

        Thank you, some people don’t realize how much work the covers are. would we all like them sooner? probably, but that’s not how it works. Max does it on HIS own time, not ours.

    • cbaby says:

      @ laljsna: seriously? you can’t wait a bit longer? you are so rude!!

    Sorry for my English and for the words but we need to be P-A-T-I-E-N-T

  15. Max says:

    Hi everyone… I know i’m a little late with the covers but with the holidays and christmas coming up i’m quite buzy. I’ll try to post some of the covers before christmas. Until then : i wish everyone an EXTRAORDINARY MERRY CHRISTMAS…. Have fun and keep smiling 🙂

  16. José says:

    Marry Christmas.Max
    and Thank you for the wonderful covers

  17. Aloysius Efraim says:

    Max, why don’t you put your covers on coverlandia.net? btw, happy new year and MERRY CHRISTMAS 🙂

  18. Javieer says:

    Hi Max! I know you’re busy, but you can put the cover of the episode of hold on to the sixteen? And thank you for all this amazing covers, nobody is better than you! You are great! I’m your fan, seriously. Happy Christmas Max!

  19. maxmonsterr says:

    Max if this helps , the performance of Santa Baby here : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rpEBfoG3sgc&feature=g-all-u&context=G26e680aFAAAAAAAAHAA , maybe you can make a cover?

  20. deeejay says:

    Max, the cut performance of Santa Baby can now be viewed here: http://gleeperformances.tumblr.com/post/14567773835/santa-baby

  21. Jake says:

    Hi Max! I LOVE your blog! Question; can you make covers for the recent leaks? Never Can Say Goodbye, Moves Like Jagger / Jumping Jack Flash, and We Found Love?

  22. Hayley says:

    Can you please make covers for My Favorite Things? That’d be awesome

  23. Falconi says:

    Max, two questions

    – You’re gonna do a cover for Do You Hear What I Hear like that cover: https://gleethecovers.files.wordpress.com/2011/12/s03e08-01-we-are-young-07.jpg?

    – And, if you’re gonna do, what pictures will you use (just for curiosity)?

  24. Falconi says:

    And, one last question: you’re gonna do new covers for My Favorite Things??

  25. Jeremi says:

    Max, when will you update?

  26. AlejandroRobertoLadygagaismywhore says:

    Almost 2 weeks? really now?..

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