S03E08 – Official Covers + Bonus Cover

9 Comments on “S03E08 – Official Covers + Bonus Cover”

  1. Z.Guerra says:

    WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!It’s a MAXDUME COVERS RIOT!

  2. Dylan says:

    It’s like you read my mind Max 😀

    I was gonna suggest Quinn and Puck :L

  3. Frank J says:

    Love the volume 7 variations!!!!! Is there any chance you could make a volume 6 cover with the cast coming out of the no. 6 (e.g. vol 4&5) Using the season 2 see saw photoshoot??? cos I really want one for my ipod and you work is like better than the actual covers

  4. Jeremi says:

    Max, When are you going to upload alternatives for Vol. 4?

  5. deeejay says:

    Max these are just extraordinary!

  6. Falconi says:

    Max, are you gonna post the other versions of Hold On To Sixteen covers only on Friday? Just wanna know, ’cause there’s already the full versions of ABC, Control and Man In The Mirror. It leaked today.

  7. Nicholas says:

    are you going to make covers using this theme for the christmas album songs?

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