S03E04 – Take Care Of Yourself

10 Comments on “S03E04 – Take Care Of Yourself”

  1. PJ says:

    Can you please do a cover for Just Haven’t Met You Yet. And this wasnt my request but I saw it a while ago for the Sesame Street “G” song. Sorry to be such a pain.

  2. SpudnikPotato says:

    Hi Max 😀 Thankyou soo much for the screencaps and official covers 🙂 It’s much appreciated 🙂

    • SpudnikPotato says:

      But I was wondering, with episode 6, the mash up one, will you be doing a yellow slushie ? If so, could there be a chance of you doing a purple background (Like episode “Pairability” of The Glee Project) ? That would be great if so 😀
      Sorry, I was curious 😛

      • Max says:

        1 2 3 hand/slushie/dodgeball red back : yellow, green,blue
        4 5 6 hand/slushie/dodgeball yellow back : red,purple,brown

      • SpudnikPotato says:

        Ahh, ok 😛
        Sorry, I didn’t realise you were doing purple for episode 5 … Looking for to episode 6 😛

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