The Christmas Album – Volume 02 / Part 05

33 Comments on “The Christmas Album – Volume 02 / Part 05”

  1. Tails19950 says:

    Amazing Idea! Thankyou for these! 😀

  2. max says:

    great covers! , keep up the good work!. have been using your ones since the britney episode and you never fail to please me

  3. Jeremi says:

    jaw dropped.

  4. PJ says:

    I really like the idea of the Santa Hat on the Dodgeball, keep up the amazing work, it’s always so awesome.

  5. Rob says:

    Ha ha! These are fantastic!

  6. Spudnik says:

    Hi, Thankyou so much for these 🙂 They look great!!
    I’m sorry to ask this, (especially with what you said to us the other day) by Could you please add the sparkle/Snow effect to last years Christmas Covers ? And with a Darker Red Background and a Greener Slushie ? If not though, that’s completley fine 🙂 It is alot to ask for so It’s fine if you don’t want to, please atleast get back to me 🙂

  7. Lauren says:

    These are awesome! I got the hand one because I thought that was all we were getting and checked today and these georgous S3 ones were here! Thanks again!

  8. Z.Guerra says:

    the musics and the artworks for “the first time” episode

    Uptown Girl

    One Hand, One Heart

    A Boy Like That


    they’re the same covers from the purple piano project so are you doing alternative colors????

  9. Kida says:

    Love these!!

  10. Hi Max.
    In the episode “The First Time” covers are Quinn and Kurt ( again ), so i have an idea 😀 You could put Artie and Blaine???
    LOVE YOUR COVERS, seriously, i put in ALL my glee songs. sometimes i have to put songs twice, one with the real cover and one with yours.
    Thanks for the great work that you are doing!

  11. Max says:

    If anyone finds the S03E04 cover (Tina & Finn) in HQ (1000×1000 or higher), please tell me… Thank you

  12. eitan says:

    could you please make dodgeball and ornaments for the original christmas album

  13. Azuremoonbeam says:

    Max can you make new volume 2 x-mas covers with the santa hat and dodgeball but instead of saying christmas vol 2 can you just have it say Season 3 with the song names still like the season 2 christmas covers? thanks in advance

  14. ame1990 says:

    Hey, I was wondering for consistency reasons for the Christmas Albums and Season 3 if you could put Season 3 under ‘glee’ and take out ‘Volume 2’?

    I’ve always really liked your work and I am using for all my glee songs. Keep it up!

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