The Christmas Album – Volume 02 / Part 01

29 Comments on “The Christmas Album – Volume 02 / Part 01”

  1. ZeguerraF says:

    Could u plz post only the hands/slushie/And the Big hand with the dodgeball for pot o’ gold?????

    • Tails19950 says:

      and the same for the christmas album please ! πŸ˜€

      • Tails19950 says:

        If you do the slushie, could you possibly make it like an invert of last years ? Like instead of a Green Slushie with a Red Background, Have a Red Slushie with a Green Background? With a Red Candycane please ? That’d be AMAZING!!! Thanks πŸ˜€

  2. Max says:

    Stop asking for the same covers over and over again… You know that the covers will be posted. Just be patient. And the christmas covers are already finished. I’ll post them between episodes and yes the colors are inverted. (they just need a little adjusting)

  3. Jeremi says:

    Love the new Background, Max!

  4. Max says:

    Got a question ? Does anyone know how to delete images from Seeing my covers over there is really annoying me.

    • deeejay says:

      Just go to the page you want to delete the picture off and go to the section where the picture is then click the edit button.

      • Jeremi says:

        i think you cannot edit when you don’t have an account, the poster must delete it, or max should make an account. people should ask permission first to post stuff that was made by others..

  5. Z.Guerra says:

    Can i use your artworks on my new tumblr for glee music downloads?? cuz i would like to to a page only for ur covers giving u all the credits of course

  6. Dylan says:

    Max, You Know The Characters For Season Three On The Covers.
    Did You Use The Itunes covers or download them?

  7. Z.Guerra says:

    i know i’ve made a lot of requests but if u can do the original covers from i am unicorn changing the logo Glee from yellow to red to look like the others ??????

  8. A question: if released more songs of the Warblers on the episodes, will you make covers of the Warblers? Thanks

  9. Carl says:

    Hey Max, I’m new to this site but I am really impressed with the high standard of your covers, so I’d like to make a request. I just saw your volume 6 cover which I like however I was wondering if you could possibly make a second set with the character pics from season 2 actually coming out of the number (like in vol 4&5) rather than the boxes. Also could the glee the music be made slightly smaller and put in the top right corner. I know its a lot to ask (I don’t even know if you take requests) i’ve asked other people for this before however no one ever got back to me. I just want something to follow up from volume 4 and 5
    Thank you for your time

  10. Spudnik Potato says:

    Glee’s cover of Do They Know It’s Christmas is out πŸ˜€

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