S03E02 – I’m The Greatest Star

12 Comments on “S03E02 – I’m The Greatest Star”

  1. SpudnikPotato says:

    Since you had a red slushie for the first episode, and a yellow for this one, does that mean you’ll do yellow for the next 2 episodes to keep the pattern going ? 🙂

  2. ~anon says:

    epic covers as usual! can you make one of lea’s let me entertain you commercial?

  3. deeejay says:

    Max, a quick question. Why did you stop making the ‘original versions’ covers?

  4. A. Golpad says:

    Could I beg for a blue dodge-ball version (lower right) with a capital “I”?
    I’m a bit of a grammar freak and, while I love your work, the lowercase “i’m” just makes me sad. D:

  5. Evan says:

    Your covers are AMAZING! i was just wondering though, can you make a cover for Lea Michele’s “Let Me Entertain” You from the HP TouchPad commercial? THANKS!!!!!!!

  6. Evan says:

    Also can you please make a cover for Rachel and Shelby’s “I Dreamed A Dream” I LOVE THAT SONG and it would be amazing if you could make that. PLEASE AND THANK YOU!!!

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