S03E01 – Big Spender (Sugar’s Version)

12 Comments on “S03E01 – Big Spender (Sugar’s Version)”

  1. Z.Guerra says:

    PLEASE RE-UPLOAD THE BLUE/PURPLE COVERS!!!!!an plz do blue/purple for big spender
    thanks,i love your covers

  2. I love this cover. I have it as my BG on my computer but I have to ask… who would EVER willingly listen to her destroy this song? Haha!

  3. Can you post the same covers without “Sugar’s Version” you always post like that

  4. Max, i have an AWESOME idea, in the episode 2 (Iā€™m an Unicorn) you could do the dogde ball with lots of colors like a rainbow. thanks AWESOME covers

  5. Please put it the purple/blue covers for a while

  6. Z.Guerra says:

    could u plz do the same thing but without the sugar’s version????

  7. Mike says:

    Could you please do one like the real ones with the first letters capitalized? And no “Sugar’s Version”? Thanks, Max! šŸ™‚

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