S02E18 – Somewhere Only We Know

26 Comments on “S02E18 – Somewhere Only We Know”

  1. Tails19950 says:

    Thanx for doing these so quickly 🙂 could you please add Barbra Streisand ? I know they’re not singing it, but they are shouting the words “BARBRA STREISAND” Thanx 😀

  2. You will do more Original versions and Glee The music??

  3. Z.Guerra says:

    could you post a cover for ending credits theme?

  4. Z.Guerra says:

    could you post a cover for ending credits theme with every season in place of season1 / 2?

  5. Duds says:

    Hey Max, I love ur work. It’s absolutely stupendous (:
    For the next episodes you could make a light blue slushie. Just a idea.
    Thans for make these covers. Love ya! HAHAHA’

  6. Dylan says:

    Could You Please Add The Rumours Episode Titles Because Amazon Have Released Them.

    Please 🙂

  7. Tails19950 says:

    Just Letting you know, the confirmed songs for the next episode are:
    Don’t Stop
    It’s 10 am and I’m Drunk (Original Song)
    Go Your Own Way
    I Don’t Want To Know
    Never Going Back Again
    and it’s the same slushie cover as Season 2 Episodes: 4, 7 & 14 (Duets, The Substitute and Blame it on the Alcohol) 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

  8. Shannon says:

    I come here a lot to get cover art for my Glee mp3s and I’ve never commented. I thought I would tonight. I love these covers. They’re so amazing and when my friends go through my iTunes library they demand to know where my cover art came from. Waiting for the next cover makes me just as excited for the next Glee episode and set of songs.
    Thank you for providing such amazing cover art.

  9. itssogleeful says:

    Can you please post the ‘Rumours’ covers? the songs are already out!

  10. Dylan says:


    Can You Upload A Limit Each Day?

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