S02E16 – Big Ass Heart

5 Comments on “S02E16 – Big Ass Heart”

  1. OnlyGleeMusic says:

    Can you do the same cover with “Big Ass… Heart” and “Troutymouth” instead of “Trouty Mouth”?

    Thanks in advance
    God Bless You

    • Max says:

      Those are not the official titles. If i start doing covers for different titles I won’t see the end of it.

      • OnlyGleeMusic says:

        jajaja LOL you’re right anyway thanks!
        and can you give us a little spoiler of your next covers: What’s the next BackGround color of the next covers?

  2. Tylasaurus says:

    Hey, I have a blog on here and have been trying to get the background on mine the way I want it, but it always seems to be too big. Do you know the size that it needs to be in order to fit the whole picture in it? Thanks. Sorry to have to leave a comment in order to ask.

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