S02E13 – Comeback

12 Comments on “S02E13 – Comeback”

  1. Gups says:

    Where’s the cover for the episode with the stills? Thanks =)

  2. Gups says:

    oh, and make the covers for ‘This Little Light On Mine’ too, please

  3. OMGlee says:

    when are you doing one for comeback

  4. Gups says:

    Thanks for all *-*.
    I have a question: How to add the covers to my glee episodes? They’re .rmvb =/

  5. Lauren says:

    Thanks so much for all the covers this week Max! Especilly for putting one with the ‘Justin Beiber version’ on STL (because I am NOT sullying Queen’s good name with his crap 😉

    One point though, it’s VERY difficult to read the comments with the light grey background. I highlight it but it can still be hard.

    Still can’t believe the rudeness you get sometimes.

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